Lighthouse tourism
in the Archipelagoes of South-West Finland and Estonia



Man has always been interested in the spectacular views of high places. Lighthouses would be most fit for the purpose, if only they were open to the public. Thus lighthouses are an important potential to tourism in the coastal regions.

Today the Finnish Maritime Administration is responsible for the administration of 49 lighthouses. In Finland, developing lighthouse tourism is exceptionally demanding: due to the fragmented costal line, 90% of Finnish lighthouses are situated on islands and therefore some lighthouses have been attainable to the public only during the past eight years. This project covers four Finnish lighthouses: Bengtskär, Isokari, Söderskär and Utö.

In Estonia there are 61 lighthouses that are administered by Estonian Maritime Administration. At the moment, only two Estonian lighthouses are open to the public: On Hiiumaa the lighthouses of Kõpu and Tahkuna can be visited for charge. This project covers 5 - 10 lighthouses in Estonia.

Lighthouses are interesting travelling sites, which are often difficult to reach. This project aims at forming contacts between the different organisations and institutions administrating, developing and exploiting lighthouses. The aim is to make the reaching of lighthouses easier and to develop new lighthouse tourism products for Finland and Estonia. In addition, there is a severe lack of information materials and thus these will also be published as a part of the project. In general, cross-border cooperation will give new perspective to development, and promote mutual intercourse. This in turn will create the preconditions for wider cooperation in the future.

Aims and actions

The main aim of the project is to promote lighthouse tourism in southern Finland and in Estonia. The project centers on the most interesting lighthouses and their cooperation partners and entrepreneurs.

The project will:

The central ways of action are:

Partners and timetable

University of Turku in Finland and Eurohouse in Estonia are the lead partners of the project. Other partners in Finland are Korppoo and Kustavi municipalities, Uusikaupunki town, Turku University Foundation, The Finnish Lighthouse Society, Metsähallitus, Finnish Maritime Administration, and enterprises (Hannas Horisont, Söderskärin Majakka Oy, Varsinais-Suomen luonto- ja ympäristöpalvelut, Wilson Marin). Other partners in Estonia are the municipalities of Kaarma and Kõrgessaare, Eesti Saarte Kogu, Estonian Maritime Administration, State Nature Conservation Centre in Saaremaa, National Heritage Board in Saaremaa, Kuressaare College of Tallinna University of Technology and Saaremaa University Centre.

The project takes place 1.4.-31.12.2007.


The joint budget of the project is 79 226 €. The project is funded mainly by the EU program Interreg IIIA of South-Finland and Estonia. National funding comes from the ministries of internal affairs in Finland and Estonia. In addition the partners of the project provide funding.

Contact information

Project coordinator, Antti Karlin
University of Turku, Centre for Extension Studies

Address: Lemminkäisenkatu 14-18 A, FI-20520 Turku, Finland
Phone: (office) +358 2 333 6422, (mobile) +358 40 510 0760
Fax: +358 2 333 6220
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